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Naturopathic Testimonials

I sought out Carrie’s services when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew that increasing my awareness about the value of nutrition and nourishing my body whilst going through treatment would be a factor in helping me to heal. Carrie was amazing. I could do video consults, and she provided really clear advice on the best diet for what I went through. I stuck to her recommendations and I have no doubt that helped me to heal! I would have no hesitation in recommending Carrie to people facing challenging health issues. In fact - I recommend her often to others.

Thanks Carrie."




I would like to thank you for facilitating my recent life change. Since joining your well being program, I have learned about eating, exercising and living for me! I now know what works for me and what choices to make. I will never go on another “fad” diet again! I am just sorry it has taken 40 years to figure this out! If only I had met you years ago! Not only did I learn from your wealth of knowledge and experiences, I had heaps of fun and laughter along the way! Thanks!

Kindest regards,

Jacqui B


Carrie is not only a skilled naturopath but she easily draws from other disciplines like nutrition, meditation, and fitness to craft a way forward that works with me rather than to me. I always feel listened to and can always ask for advice, support or a change in treatment based on any changes that arise. I would not have recovered from a devastating illness in months rather than years without her support. Highly recommend!



Insightful, compassionate, grounded and supportive, Carrie has given me a deeper understanding of the connection with emotional and mental states impacting my health. Through her insights she has helped me to feel more connected and balanced with sound guidance on herbal treatments, mediations, mentoring sessions and awesome recipes... I highly recommend Carrie who has a wealth of knowledge, deep insight and awesome recipes to boot! 



I highly recommend Carrie for her expertise, knowledge and wisdom with the body. Her wholistic approach to wellness really helped me with healing my body and overcoming tiredness. She combines many modalities and really listens with all her senses. She made a huge difference to my health regime.

Cayla P.


Carrie Walters

Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine)

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Certificate III in Fitness

PH: 0417 067 009


As a category world champion endurance cyclist, my health is always my top priority. I was devastated when over a period of months I got sicker and sicker and all the doctors were pointing at different things. Carrie was the only one to take a holistic approach to the problem and come up with a solution. I’ve been working with Carrie for almost 6 months now and I’ve never felt better. My cravings for sugar and my fatigue issues are a thing of the past, and I’m healthier than ever. I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone that is looking to improve their health and well being.

Jason M.


Carrie truly believes that nutrition is the way to sustain health and vitality. She is passionate about what she does and has a way of encouraging you to be compliant in order to get results - and I did! Thank you for your guidance!

Kristen S


Carrie has been a godsend for various medical issues I had been struggling with. When I first saw Carrie I was dealing with poor digestion, excess stress and fatigue. Through our sessions Carrie laid out some simple steps to take with minimal supplementation and over the course of our treatments my health has improved drastically. Carrie also touched on some behavioural patterns which were feeding into my health concerns which was extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone who wants to get on top of their health.

Marita H.


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